Specialist insurance cover and all operatives DBS checked
Specialist insurance cover
and all operatives DBS checked

What is electro-static decontamination?

Why Steroclean are the most effective choice

Electrostatic decontamination kills 99.9999% of viruses, germs and bacteria, reducing transmission and keeping yourself, your co-workers and your customers safe. Our cleaning method covers every surface quickly, using electro-magnetic technology.

Why Steroclean are the new norm in everyday cleaning services

Not only is our decontamination method highly effective, we also have an extremely quick turnaround time and response time, meaning that you will avoid closure and loss of business. It is safe to enter a treated environment just 15 minutes after application.

Our system lasts for up to 30 days after application and we will tailor our service to you – depending on the traffic you have coming in and out of your building. We want you, your co-workers and your customers to feel safe in your environment.

Our decontamination method also ensures the safety of your electronic equipment – so no need to unplug and move computers, printers, tills etc. before a clean.

Be pro-active, not reactive

If any region is named on the national watch list for Covid it does not come with restrictions on movement, but this could come into play if the infection rate continues to rise. Being vigilant in aiming to prevent further spreading will be beneficial to your business and the wider community.